Happy New Year!

By Katherine Evans posted 01-04-2022 15:39

Happy New Year to SIAM Mathematics of the Planet Earth members, all SIAM members and all applied mathematicians of all stripes.

SIAM MPE leadership is evaluating this blog feature on SIAM engage to share news, ideas, and foster productive and positive discussion about anything related to mathematics of the planet earth. We welcome your input. Here is a test of the feature by sharing the following announcement:

The SIAM Conference on Mathematics of Planet Earth (MPE22) will be held jointly with the SIAM Annual Meeting, SIAM Conference on Applied Mathematics Education, and SIAM Conference on Life Sciences in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA July 13-15, 2022. As all SIAM conferences through July 2022 will be hybrid, speakers may chose to give their talks either in person or virtually.

Climate change, biodiversity, infectious diseases, sustainability, energy, food, and water are among the areas of greatest global concern. The SIAM Activity Group on Mathematics of Planet Earth (SIAG/MPE) provides a forum for mathematicians and computational scientists engaged in these critical priority areas. The interests of SIAG/MPE span the range from developing quantitative techniques to providing policy makers with tools for qualitative decision support.

Submissions are encouraged as pertain to the conference themes:
  • Planet Earth as a physical system: climate dynamics, oceans, atmosphere, cryosphere, earth and space
  • Planet Earth as a system supporting life: mathematical ecology, carbon cycle, food systems, natural resources, sustainability
  • Planet Earth as a system organized by humans: land use, energy, communication, transportation, socio-economics
  • Planet Earth as a system at risk: global change, biodiversity, water, food security, epidemics, extreme events

Submission deadlines are quickly approaching!
January 10, 2022: Minisymposium proposal submission deadline
January 31, 2022: Contributed lecture, poster, and minisymposium presentation abstract submission deadline

We look forward to an exciting program and joining as a community in July 2022!

Best regards,

Jessica Matthews (Organizing Committee Co-chair)
Gerard Olivar-Tost (Organizing Committee Co-chair)